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Maintenance and Lubrication


Selection of the right tool for the right job

It is vital that the proper type of tool be selected for its particular job. Whether or not it is correctly applied greatly determines its effectiveness.

The relationship between the air consumption of the tools and the compressor capacity

When the air tool is in motion, a certain amount of air will be discharged which will vary according to the type of tool. In this regard, the prime requisite is that the compressor capacity be sufficient to allow for the rate of consumption. When not enough, the tool will either lose power or stop.

Compressor capacity and air consumption.

(A) for the tool in continuous operation whose air consumption is 0.1m3/min. 3.53ft3/min. a 0.75kw compressor is required, or, in other words.....

(B) if the compressor happens to be 7.5kw, a tool whose consumption is 1.0m3/min.35.3ft3/min. can be operated.

Suitable air pressure

To get the highest efficiency, a gauge pressure of 0.6MPa~0.7MPa(6~7kgf/cm2, 85~90psi)should register at the air receiver. Should the machine be run at less than 0.6MPa(6kgf/cm2, 85psi), efficiency will drop. Conversely, if the pressure is over 0.7MPa(7kgf/cm2, 90psi), the tool will become hard to manage and possible break down.


Care must be taken that no substantial loss of pressure occurs from the air tank to the air tools connection. The rubber hose must be three blade pressure type and if the inside surface has disintegrated due to long period of use, causing fragments to invade the tools mechanism, the hose must be replaced.

Avoidance of moisture and dirt

Utmost precaution should be taken to exclude moisture originating in the compressor. Should the tool take in too much moisture it will lose power and eventually cease to function due to rusting. Unreasonable treatment of the tool such as letting it roll on the ground to laying it in dirt will foul up the mechanism. Let's handle the tool with care !


Equivalent of Turbine Oil ISOVG32 are recommended before and after use of air tools. A little may be poured into the air inlet via the hose cdonnection, or more advisable is the use of oil fog lubricators. Machine oils are definitely not to used in any circumstances. At the time of periodic overhaul, inject Lithium Grease Extreme Pressure NLGI-2 or equivalent into the gear assembly.

Spare parts

When efficiency has dropped due to wear and replacements are necessary, NPK stand ready provide any interchangeable parts.