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For over 90 years, NPK has Engineered and Produced the highest quality industrial Pneumatic tools. Offering an extensive range of products, and distributed worldwide, NPK pneumatic tools can be found in the most demanding industrial applications.

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2019/05/21 【const.equip.】 NPKCE purchases Genesis Attachments LLC
2018/05/01 【const.equip.】 INTERMAT 2018 CLOSED SUCCESSFULLY
2018/03/16 【const.equip.】 NPK FRANCE JOINS INTERMAT 2018
2016/04/06 【const.equip.】 NPK EUROPE JOINS BAUMA 2016
2015/06/09 【pneu. equip.】 Pulsus (Wrenches) movie (Chinese) uploaded to Youtube.
2015/06/09 【pneu.and const.equip.】 Movie of NPK airtools for maintenance of attachments uploaded
2014/12/22 【pneu. equip.】 Air Cleaner JAC-3 movie uploaded
2014/11/13 【pneu. equip.】 New Production Information - COMPACT NEEDLE SCALERS