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Supersonic Jet Mill

Mini Supersonic Jet Mill

LABO Supersonic
Jet Mill

Model PJM Model JKE Mode CPY

PJM photo

JKE photo

IDS photo

Collision plate type
supersonic Jet Mill

LABO supersonic Jet Mill

Complete Jet Mill Plant
with Helium Gas
Circulation System

Model SPK Model LJ
Helium gas circulation system
LJ-3 photo
Helium gas circulation system



Dispersion Separator

Dispersion Separator

Dispersion Separator

Model DSF Model DXF Model UFC
DSF photo
DXF photo
UFC photo

Ultra Fine Separator

LABO Dispersion Separator

Tornado Sifter

Model MP Model MDS Model TS
MP photo
MDS-3 photo
TS photo

Ultra Fine Separator


model EVX    
EVX photo


Surface Fusing System

Surface Fusing System (Rounding Equipment)

Surface Treatments
Using Atmospheric Plasma
(Custom processing of Powder)
Model MR Model MD-300
MR photo
surface treatments using atmospheric plasma


Dust Collector


High Performance dust collector

Model PFR
PFR photo


Feeder, Discharger

Powder Constant Feeder

Powder Discharging Device
Double Dumper


Model EF/EFS Model WD  
EF/EFS photo
WD photo


knock Powder/Particle off device

Powder Discharging Device
One-Punch Hammer

Powder Knocking-Off Device
Super Impact Hammer

Powder-shaking off device
Magical Knocker

Model OPH Model SIH Model MGK
OPH photo
SIH photo



Knife Gate Valve for Powder

Model PG
PG photo

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